Review 2160

This is not a typical blog, in more ways than one. First, it is not hosted by Blogger or GreyMatter, but by Second, it is about photography.

Ed Book’s images and the way he talks about photography imply that he has a lot of enthusiasm and experience in the field. Nearly all scenic views, the images are often accompanied by explanations of the equipment and technics used. However, the jargon does not cause laymen to lose interest in Ed Book’s images, as the images also come with descriptions of the location where they were taken and whatever story is behind them. Also, Ed Book has an expressive way of talking about photography. I especially liked the way he defended his preference of saying ‘making images’ instead of ‘taking/snapping/shooting pictures’.

There is not much to comment about on the layout of the site, as it is basically a livejournal design. The main focus here is on the photography. There are lots of images that, to me, as a layman, appear to be of high quality. The real attraction for me here lies in the way Ed Book links his personal life with his profession and hobby. I find it a good site to browse through because each picture has a story; the details make it come to live.