Review 2160

This is the first weblog I’ve ever seen quite like this.

It’s your typical personal weblog, but Ed also throws in a wonderful mix of brilliant photographs of “images that he’s made”. Most of these images are shots of the scenery that Ed’s out and about in. Sometimes these scenic images are left as is without a single tweak, and other times the author choose to adjust perhaps the saturation with filters on the camera or cropping the same photo several different ways just to get the perfect look. And of course, there are some absolutely adorable picture of Ed’s little granddaughter that seems as if she was born to be in front of the camera, especially with those bright blue eyes.

The design is just the standard one that nearly all LiveJournal users have. Ed chose a nice color combination to use, however, and his addition of photos on a nearly daily basis certainly alleviates the monotony of reading just straight text entries.

I’ve always loved dragging my digital camera everywhere I go, taking picture after picture of various items that will probably never mean a thing to anyone 10 minutes after I take the picture. Am I an avid fan of photography? Perhaps, but only in the casual sense. After reading “Ed Book’s Journal”, I almost feel like I can go out and know “how” to take a picture in the technical aspect of it now. Wonderful writing, gorgeous photography – an overall fantastic weblog experience!