Review 2134

Random Thoughts comes to us care of Genny, who chose Blogspot for hosting her Weblog. The left-hand side of the page is occupied by a column of fire, with the appropriate flaming top, and includes three links to other sites (I particularly liked the Classic TV Lyrics), a Write Me link, and a short archive. I didn’t appreciate the flames, but at least the post area has a white background and large script, so reading the blog does not strain your eyes.

Genny’s introductory motto is “Do thoughts dictate feelings? prolong them? create them? Or is it the other way around??” Good question. Posts are longish, mainly about Genny’s thoughts and inspirations from her surroundings. She writes with ease, has an eye for detail, and seems a sensitive person. Go, for example, to her post of November 27th, 2002, which brought back memories from some of my own experiences. A nice, compassionate, if depressing, post.

Genny is out there fighting her own private struggle, just like so many of us. There’s lots on boyfriends and exchanges with boyfriends. But she can also be matter-of-fact with what I thought was a rather disarming twist. She says, for example:

November 2002 has been rather shitful. My grandparents have both been sick, my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer and my hairdresser is once again in the hospital and not doing well. In addition to this, I have been trying to land a job, any job and so every Monday, I find myself at the Labor Department faxing my resume all over the place, supposedly, but… I am starting to think I am faxing it to the black hole in our universe. Besides my brilliant skills as a Buyer, I am also an aspiring writer. I say aspiring because last week alone, 3 of my pieces were rejected by major publications.

I really connect to Genny’s style. She lays it out there, short and sharp.

Visit Random Thoughts. It may sound shallow and even breathless at times, but, overall, it is a warm Weblog, put together with care, and straight from a human heart. Genny, do something about that flaming template though.Random Thoughts