Review 2129 is, of course, a personal blog. For once, this is a personal blog that actually means to be personal, honestly and openly so.

Joe has pictures of himself on the front page and on top of every other page. He has an autobiography. He writes about his life with all evidence of honesty. All these are refreshing, letting readers access Joe’s life with no trouble at all. Other than that, Joe addresses readers by the pronoun ‘you’ and occasionatlly refers to himself as ‘Joe Boy’ or ‘Joe Joe’. It’s either friendly and cute or just plain smacks of adolescence for a 23-year-old, but whichever way, this blog invites interaction between reader and blogger.

The layout of the site is clean and classy, which isn’t that much of a surprise since Joe owns his own web business. However, the links are a bit obscurely titled (‘oh that joe’ for his autobiography, ‘my head’ for archived blog entries, etc.). Also, the entries of September and October seem to be missing.

All said, it is the straightforward way Joe talks about himself and his life, without hiding behind anything, that makes this blog a pleasant read. He rants and raves about his problems, he cheerfully informs us about his triumphs – he shares his life with us. Another plus point is the way Joe constantly invites readers for feedback. A regular Joe? Maybe. But a Joe who is obviously comfortable in his own skin, which is an endearing trait.