Review 2124

Immediately I was impressed by the design of House Arrest. (Maybe because I too am trying to eek out a living as a coder and I’m aware of how much work goes into self coding a website…) Soon I was impressed by all of House Arrest.

The blog is very honest, very candid and enjoyable. You really get a sense of the author’s ‘voice’ as you read the entries. She quotes Cure lyrics, posts the occasional cartoon, poems etc. Lots of interesting stuff here.

After you are done reading the blog there are other sections as well.

There is Crafty Bitch, which details her explorations in stitching.

Salvation, her take on the calorie crunch

A lifetime ago, truth is better than fiction

Book Club, book reviews and recommendations

I think this is a great site, it is full of author’s identity and has a sharp overall look and feel punctuated by lovely graphics. –applause
house arrest