Review 2121

Hmm! Instead of filling daily entries with the typical blog stuff this site is geared towards people interested in WISPs and ISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers, the people who provide your internet access). Clearly if you are among the target audience this is an excellent resource.

The site offers many great services. In addition to being able to read and comment on the daily blogs the site has the option of e-mailing the daily entries to you and it appears more services will be coming soon.

WISP Directory allows people interested in signing up with a WISP or ISP to search for a local service provider and browse through descriptions of each business. Providers themselves can enter free or premium ads. It seems like a great service for both client and business.

The site is simple in design and in spite of the annoying banner ads is each to use. For the sheer volume of content and usefulness, this site scores well. An ISP and WISP gem.

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