Review 2119

Ke-Ri’s Domain is the weblog of young girl named Keri. On her main website, she very clearly states the reason she started her website was because she was seeking a husband. From the main picture on the site, Keri doesn’t look all that old to begin with and by begging the viewers of her site not to tell her dad about the site because he would “kill her and make her go to college”, it only leads me to believe that our author is quite young.

After sorting through her opinion of supporting Timothy McVeigh’s actions, her plea for someone of the male persuasion to offer her some companionship since she’s “down for a whole lot”, and the generic GeoCities/Yahoo layout, I was able to finally reach the weblog.

Information I gathered from Keri’s weblog? She quit the track team to learn about the internet. As of Nov 11, Keri was going to run away from home the next time her dad sits her down for a talk. Her only three requirements for this husband she’s looking for are as follows: “he must be a nice person in general (this includes animals), he must have a place where I can stay that he pays for himself, and he must have fairly high-speed internet access and a computer IN HIS HOUSE”.

These are the highlights. In short, this weblog is about how much Keri hates school, hates her dad, and wants to find someone to be her husband.

I’m just honestly disturbed by so many things at this site. Keri’s home life is bad enough that she’s only been “advertising for a husband” on her website since early November. And as of Dec 2 (and also the most recent post), she’s decided to move in with one of her internet suitors. The main reason she chose him? She was really into the amount of internet access Luke could offer.

Honestly, this weblog scares me. It can’t possibly be real, and if it is, I’m truly saddened by how miserable Keri’s life must be to push her to the point to move into an apartment with a complete stranger to avoid living with her father. Someone’s got some real issues here and it’s just a bizarre situation you read about at this website.

Ke-Ri’s Domain!!!