Review 2111

The Cotton Tree, a timeless web log, written by Sahr Sankoh on a nearly daily basis, is a rare gem in the web log world.

You’re met with an extremely subtle and simplistic design. Primarily green, the design sets an exquisite mood for the writing you’ll find here. Not overbearing or attention-grabbing, it leaves you to focus on the true star of this web log, its writing.

Each entry is written as a poem, describing everyday events but in a warm fashion that ultimately leaves you inspired to read more. I am in awe at this style of writing; there is subtlety found throughout, with both humor and sarcasm as well as a true taste for expression. The charisma and boldness of the writer are characteristics that will continuously bring people back to this site. Fascinated by the brilliance of the words, I’m left waiting for the next entry.

For originality and signature style, this web-log deserves nothing less than a 5. One should not try to model his or her web log after this one, however, as it is a product of true talent and skill. There is no template existing that would create a clone to this unparalleled find. I encourage everyone who is a web-log fan to read The Cotton Tree as it truly is an experience worth having.The Cotton Tree