Review 2109

Before the contents of the page had even begun to load, I saw my worst nightmare. A background of bright, bright pink. I soon discovered that the rest of the blog was just like the background: loud and trying too hard to appear bright.

Since the only information of the blogger listed under ‘Profile’ is a picture of a clown holding a card (“SEND THE MONEY!”), there seems no way of knowing his identity. The Dr P image represented through his blogs is not flattering – he seems to enjoy making not-really-funny jokes and throwing in remarks that are supposed to be cute but which are not. A simple episode in Dr P’s life gets dragged on forever when retold by him. What with the excessive text links (meant to be humorous) and the aforementioned har-har jokes, it just gets too tiring to read. It really doesn’t help when the blogger inserts things like ‘lol’, ‘hahaha’ or ‘:)’ at various points, either.

The layout is an eyesore with its garish colors. There is a plus point to this blog, however – there are lots of fun links listed under ‘Trivia’. If you have nothing better to do and would like to, say, write to the president of the States or find out what your true Middle-Earth name is, go ahead and click.

The overall impressions I got from the blog: The blogger rambles and makes lame jokes. Inserting Editor notes everywhere is not cute. Harmless gay jokes are not cute. (Ed.- But you’re not gay!) The links aren’t that bad, though.

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