Review 2106

It’s quite possible that I just do not identify with libras or that I’m unaffected by this author’s writing — in any case, Libran Ramblings seems dull and otherwise boring to me.

The design, childish and without substance, features an anime character flying from the top of the entries. That was immediately the first thing that turned me off about this blog. And then I started reading.

Honestly, the author is not a bad writer, I would never testify this — however, I imagine if you didn’t know ’em, and I don’t, you’d be numb to the ‘ramblings’ here.

The site in general attracts a regular crowd, I imagine the writer here would have it no other way; ads and links and ‘cliques’ and such.

I gave this web log a 3.0 because I didn’t think it deserved anything more. I’ve certainly seen worse, but I’ve also reviewed better.

Constructively, I think the author of Libran Ramblings should go for a little more depth and I believe that over time, she and this weblog will ultimately mature.Libran Ramblings