Review 2106

I’m normally not a fan of blogs with anime designs because the blog usually belongs to a 13 year old full of teen angst, but the design at Libran Ramblings does have a nice effect. It’s a good visual – it sort of pulls you in and makes you want to read the blog.

Libran Ramblings is about the writer’s daily life. She’s really into Final Fantasy, so much so that her left eyelid has developed a twitch from eye strain. The blog has only been around since August, and there really aren’t that many entries to read. The writing is not bad, although a lot of it has to do with the writer’s game playing – and since I don’t know anything about game playing, I really didn’t understand what she was talking about. The writer has some interesting opinions on paganism and betrayal, but the really interesting entries were regarding her former job as a caretaker to a terminally ill man.

The blog is well-designed [it’s a template], but the blog is set up so a month’s worth of entries are on each page. This makes the page really long by the end of the month and kind of lessens the visual punch of the design. I couldn’t get much info on the writer, other than the fact that it’s a woman [I think] who likes Final Fantasy and is a Libra. A good About Me type of page would be a useful addition to Libran Ramblings.

I will probably not become a regular reader of Libran Ramblings, mostly because I really don’t know anything about gaming. But if you’re into the whole scene, Libran Ramblings may appeal to you.
Libran Ramblings