Review 2103

“Incessant Rambling” is the perfect title for this site. The thoughts are non-stop and they just go on and on and on … and on.

I first began reading this site and was a bit confusing as to who was the primary writer. There are pictures of a couple, but under one of the pictures the description of the site claims it’s a site ran by 3 different female writers. Because of this, I’m assuming the site might be adding more writers.

This site does not feel quite like a group blog because the writers do not feed off each other’s posts as some group blogs do. As I began reading, it seems as though what’s mostly posted is what’s going on in their lives at that very moment. The sentences are short and the thoughts are simple. The topics range from their current relationships, to work to their whereabouts that day. Once I had read though several posts, I felt there was a bit too much rambling – no pun intended – going on. It’s as though I had to stop to breath and get some air before I finished reading each post.

The layout itself is okay; nothing too exciting. But I think the extra links and graphics might change in the next few weeks with the addition of writers.

I found this site entertaining to a point, however I can only read so much detail about a person’s everyday life without running out of air.
Incessant Ramblings