Review 2102

Blog+Master+Series, a subtitle it seems to “Big Gun, Just Ducky, Version 08,” is a humor site with all the fixing’s. Sure to bring in a fan-base of limited but loyal regulars, this web log is just the cure for anyone suffering from too much depth and complexity. There’s nothing complex about this site or the writing found here which isn’t an insult by any means.

The design is simplistic, and yes, humorous. A few tables, a few images, and baddabing+baddaboom, you got a ducky site that’ll probably make some kids somewhere laugh. And I think that’s the ultimate purpose of this design.

The author, Ozzy DaiOtaku, has a ‘corky’ sense of humor that I find more disturbing at times than funny, but for all purposes of a humor blog, his taste is respectable because of its originality and consistency. It has all the tricks and gimmicks that come a long with every single funny-blog out there while also encompassing what it means to be Ozzy DaiOtaku.

Was I overly impressed? Not really. But surely for any humor blog I’ve seen that have matched the standard that Ozzy has set with this one, I’ve seen a 100 more which falter in its shadow.

This web-log received a 4.0 because in the humor category, it’s a 4 … somewhat original, a little crazy, and without regrets. Just my kind of site … >=)Blog+Master+Series