Review 2101

Dragondrop is the name of the author’s home in jolly old England and now his website. The site is laid out so everything is easy to use and access.

The blog is the typical ‘what-is-going-on-in-my-life’. The entries are pretty diverse. Some interesting, some personal, some strange. Most of the entries are from Matt with a few by Eirene (his wife). Spelling is occasionally an issue, the first words on the about page “No real rason dêtre” (raison d’être?) made a poor first impression. The blog isn’t this site’s strength, although I did enjoy the his British diction and it will be interesting to see his kids grow-up online.

What I thought was the most enjoyable thing about this site was the watchcam adventures. The author takes his Casio ‘WQV-1’ where ever he roams and creates photo journals. The photos are really cool but very small (most are 176 x 144) and you can’t enlarge them (which is a shame). Regardless, the pics are human nature at its best with some artsy ideas tossed in as well. Isn’t technology grand?? Clearly the author really enjoys the ‘cam and it shows. Keep the adventures coming!

In spite of a ho-hum blog – I really enjoyed the Webcam adventures, which pulled this site up from mediocrity. Cheers! + Watchcam Adventures