Review 2098

There are some blog templates that are just way too overused. One of them is the one that is currently residing at Media Yenta. Maybe it’s the standard Blogspot template, but if I run into one more blog with that template I shall hang myself from the rafters. The only saving grace for Media Yenta is the fact that the writer did insert a custom graphic to break up the homogenized madness of the template.

Media Yenta claims to contain “creative critiques, sarcasm, and misspellings about TV and the media”. I don’t know that I would necessarily disagree with that. I think the blog delivers what it promises. Some of the writer’s ideas are right on, and other entries just fall short of being funny and sometimes end up being trite. Despite the fact that I hate this template, I wanted to like this blog.

The writer of Media Yenta tells the reader to “enjoy the typos,” but I can honestly say that it drove me insane. Please use a spellcheck before you post. Please. The misspellings, bad grammar, and random capitalization are really irksome and detract from my enjoyment of the writing. I suggest making sure all the entries have the same template, and adding an “About Me” page. I’d be interested in finding out something about the writer of Media Yenta – sometimes it helps me to enjoy a blog more when I know something about the writer. The archive navigation is a little funky, sort of out of order. If the template were changed into something more appropriate of the subject matter and the typos were cleaned up, I might enjoy this blog a lot more.

I’m not such a huge fan of media info blogs, but Media Yenta isn’t bad. I might come back for a read sometime in the future.

Media Yenta