Review 2097

WARNING: Do not intake any liquids before viewing this site. Failure to comply with this warning will cause you to spit said liquids all over your desk.

This site is just that funny.

Bertha Mae, Festus Joe, Bubba J, Thelma Jo, Bosephus, and Scooter Ray are all members of the Trailer Trash Family, and they all take turns posting in this weblog. But it’s not all fun and games, folks.

Bertha Mae’s not shy about sharing her opinions on the daily news, supplying us not only with the links to various news articles but also her unique thoughts on the situation.

Festus Joe and his dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete, Bertha Mae’s quest to find out how video tape manufacturers know how big her television set is when they format movies to fit her television screen, and several other stories from the trailer are entries you’ll find scattered about the site.

The Foto Album, Fixins from the Hotplate, the family bios – lots of extra goodies here that are definitely work checking out.

The layout is simple. It’s yellow and it’s not really pretty, but it works for the site. The images of the clan posted along the right hand side of the weblog are a great addition to the site.

It’s hard to describe this site. It’s hilarious, which is the point of having a site like this, and I’d definitely recommend spending some time getting to know the Trailer Trash Family. Who knows – you might just have something in common with them!

My Trailer is Bigger Than Your Trailer