Review 2096

With a name like the saucyspot I was expecting something naughty, instead I found something nice. Saucyspot’s design is clean and simple and it has the WC3 stamp of approval. So in I went…

The author has been blogging for about a year and I wanted to delve into the older entries to see what was ticking in his mind. I found I had to login to access older reviews. Blah! He has a Login FAQ (likely because a lot of people have been turned off by having to login. He writes: “Why do I require visitors to login? To keep track of comments and give members access to certain things the general internet public can not.” Sigh. Fine. Which brought me to the next issue… Where do I sign up?!

In spite of this I poked around, the author has other logs in addition to the normal blog. There is his pixelog (which is a photo log) which I loved… A picture really is worth a thousand words. I found it strange that I could browse older pictures without having to login via the next and prev links at the bottom of the page. Gee, am I hung up on this? Also of interest (which I have not seen before) was a spamlog. Ahh, yes you get spam, I get spam, we all hate spam… Here is an idea of what to do with it before you delete it. Interesting. “World’s Smallest Remote Control Car – On Sale! – – header info>” Hehe.

Well I never did find out how to login. In spite of that I was able to read quite a few entries. The author shares interesting bits and pieces of his day to day life. I found the author to be entertaining and funny at times “The next step for this blog is to create custom error pages that appear when perverts come from google searching for “saucy pics” or “topless saucy college.” Apparently “saucy” has a slightly different connotation in the UK than it does to me”.

Saucyspot is a good general read for all. Nothing was offensive or groundbreaking, everything was honest and amusing. And in spite of the questionable login, I think many people would enjoy his blog. Good job overall. saucyspot