Review 2048

As far as looks go, well, this one is just about as plain as you get before
the plainness becomes stylish. But, keep in mind that when it comes to a balance
of form and function, function can more than make up for lack of form.

The blog is fairly simple to navigate — everything’s right there on the main
page. The archive link actually just leads to some archives of a few of the more
recent entries.

While this blog was categorized under ‘News/Links’ I could find little of
either. The entirety is the philosophical musings/ramblings of the author.
Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a category for that, and there really
doesn’t seem to be a category (that I’m to choose from) that best fits this
blog. I selected entertainment, because that, to me, seems the best reason
(intellectual entertainment) one would have for visiting and reading this blog

OK, here’s where we get to the meat of the review. The rest is more or less
objective observations. The blog is plain, simple, and contains philosophical
ramblings. What you really want to know is whether the ideas expressed are worth
your while reading. But first one more objective observation. The entries are
written in a deep sounding philosophical style that make whatever it is they are
saying, hard to get at. Bad if they don’t really say anything, tolerable if
there are some good things included. But there’s the catch, whether they contain
jewels or air could very well depend on the reader. I can give my subjective
impression, but that may not necessarily be what you will get.

The author has expressed some deep thoughts. Reading the various entries in the
blog I could see the inner working of a mind as the author strove to make sense
of life. It would be a mistake to read this blog as source of answers, but if
you have the time, it makes for an interesting observation into an active mind.
The author lacks the ability to express thoughts very clearly or concisely, but
they are still the author’s thoughts and I found the journey worth the time I