Review 2042

Nice pleasing look. Not busy nor sparse. Nice menu on the left side. Links to
archives on the right.

This is very much a personal blog containing simply thoughts and ideas but
with some interesting comments of gizmos and programming.

What’s interesting about this blogger is that his style changes with the
subject. If he’s writing about programming then the style reflects his
earnestness. If the entry is about music, then his enthusiasm for music comes
through. But if he’s simply spilling out the thoughts that are on his mind, and
completely new style emerges, one that’s quite different from the rest.

The blog itself is really more of an entry point into the author’s entire
site, which is just a personal, and homey as the blog is. Hopefully as time goes
on the author will continue to share with us as consistently as he’s done for
these first few weeks of his blog, because as evidenced by the entries so far,
when he ‘let’s his hair down’ (so to speak) the result is quite spectacular.