Review 2040

Just like the slightly cartoonish-sounding title of the site, the first thing that crossed my mind when I viewed it was ‘corny’. The background is a wall of bricks, and cartoon bulldogs, bombs and smiling faces are littered through the pages. Further exploration confirms this. If you’re wondering where ‘”THE” Experience’ of the site is, just click on the link directly under the heading. “When reality and my life collide, causing a big explosion.” The ‘big explosion’ is a whole page of dazzling, sparkling, twisting, revolving, exploding, eye-blinding, downright annoying graphics. Truly the ultimate experience. Scrolling further down, I discover weird polls and pictures of hairy men’s legs and a dog wearing shorts.

All said, the blog is written by a married man who has lots to say about, well, everything. Music, movies, writing, politics. The blog gives the impression of a man who has a sense of humor, albeit a harsh one and often at others’ expense(“People I Don’t Like”, “People Who Should Just SHUT THE FUCK UP”, “Who’s the Gayest Boy Band” and so on). The blogger, cpb, likes to swear a lot. I’d say one swear word per sentence, average. Even his poems contain a generous supply
of four-lettered words. There are lots of links, about half of them related to cpb himself. Here is truly a guy who thinks a lot. He needs three seperate links to contain his thoughts and opinions, filing them under “Random Thoughts” – what goes through his mind on a typical day, “Inebriation Notes” – what goes through his mind on an Atypical day, and “In My Humble Opinion” – about whatever is on his mind. Overwhelmed already? There’s more! His writings, his other sites, and then some. If you are looking for a strong and often unconventional view of things in general, and you don’t mind foul language, this is the site for you. On the other hand, if you are have a ‘politically-correct’ frame of mind, stay away. You’d probably not be amused by polls titled “Who is the hottest tennis bitch?”. And be warned (or be informed, if you like this sort of thing): there is a picture of topless women somewhere on the site.

The page is easy to navigate in, with a sidebar, plenty of links and all of them neatly organized. As mentioned earlier, the design is a little corny, but the words are easy to read. No complaints here.

There isn’t much information about cpb himself, but there are detailed descriptions of how the site was born and, generally, we get to know all about the things that piss him off, which are plenty.

Overall, the design of the page is fine, there’s more than enough information to keep readers occupied, and some of them are quite interesting. You might find yourself shocked, yet grinning guiltily. Sometimes it might be therapeutic to point at other people and laugh. Do that at “THE Experience”.

THE Experience