Review 2037

For my first ever review, I decided to check out a blog written by a girl named Pallas, which is pronounced as palace. The first and most noticeable thing about her blog is that the design is clean, simple and very energtic. Unlike some blogs, Pallas used a color combination that actually matches.

On to other things…Pallas personality seems to really jump out at you while reading her blog entries. She expresses herself to be a very blunt, and up front girl, who likes to have a lot of fun. She has links to several other pages that appear in the form of small pop-up windows, that are pretty sleek and easy to read, not too small. Pallas also seems to be very detailed oriented, as well as close to family and friends. She also expresses that she is a real t.v. lover too.

One last thing to note, and it was something that made for a really good feature to her blog…and that is the fact that she has a webcam, yes a webcam on her blog site. I would give this blog an 4.5 for not only it’s style but detailed and some times very cool information on her day to day activities. So, if you’re looking for a blog worth looking at and want a lot to read, get some hot chocolate, sit down and check out Pallas’ blog.babytseng