Review 2035

The first thing I read on the site was, “No Longer Bottled Up, I’m Spreading My Wings” which seemed to sum up the entire site in one little phrase.

We have Rebeka who has put a lot of heart and soul into her weblog. What makes her site different than a normal weblog is that it crosses that line between weblog and diary just enough to give all the voyeurs a little bit more of a taste.

The quality of her writing is well above most. She is able to make you think that she is right next to you with her words. The way she talks about her daily life, you almost become the “silent” best friend. Text sometimes has a problem in that it is hard to figure out emotions. With Rebeka’s diary, you know what she is going through, the good to the bad, to the wonderful to the sad. Every emotion she wants to convey, she does. And she does it well.

The design of the site is simple and elegant. There are some alignment problems, but it really isn’t distracting. The image of the butterfly mixed, with that of the bottle is a perfect fit for the site, along with the title that I started this review out with.

Over all Rebeka’s diary is a good read. She is moving soon and it should be interesting to see where that takes us on her ride. If you want to be taken for an emotional roller coaster like a good book, then this is the site for you.
Rebeka’s Diary