Review 1613

There are alot of blogs out there that look very similar and asides from the titles they do not look that different at all. Upon first look, this blog doesn’t seem much of an exception to this rule. However, upon closer inspection you realize that Mark’s Blog is in fact different from the rest of the crowd. Not much, but just enough to make it worth the visit.

This blog stands out as a clear example of a close-up-and-personal log of various happenings on various levels. Simple and straightforward. A singer-songwriter, a nerd, a comedian, a complete wanker, this blogger is all of these separately and at the same time and even more. You need to read inbetween the lines.

Each entry is no longer than a few short and simple sentences. Sharp and witty, sometimes off the wall, but more often than not striking some familiar chord within us all and making us think. They remind me a little of daily proverbs, weird meditations, that kind of thing. Each entry is rounded up nicely with a concluding lesson of the day: “the dangerous snakes are the ones you can’t see” or “email comes, email goes”. These impact the entries in mysterious yet sometimes unclear ways.

While his blog might not offer enough substance for some of the more demanding philosophical readers among us, certainly there are enough links to lead one here and there and all over the place. In that regard this blog offers a good starting point. I recommend going right away to his so-called terrific front-page.

This blog is not extensive, but I have the feeling that though Mark has only just begun, he is on the right road. Hopefully in the future more blog content will arise from where it has been coming from, and this blog will get even better and better as the lessons of the day become long and extensive.Mark’s WebLog