Review 1606 is a relatively new weblog. With Steven making his entrance into the weblog world with his first post in mid-May, he makes note in that initial entry that the main requirement in all good sites is content. And after reading through this site, Steven’s got the content he needs to make one of those good sites. As time goes on and as entries are added, that content is certain to grow even greater.

The site loads, and the crisp combination of the maroon and white immediately make this site look good. It loads quickly, and it loads correctly. The navigation portion of the site controls one side, the “spy cam” fills the other, and you find the weblog smack in the middle. Everything’s spaced out very nicely, and gives off a very clean appearance.

The only complaint I could find about the actual layout or coding bit of things just happened to be one of my biggest pet peeves. The hyperlinks that Steven links to in his weblog entries open up in the frame that’s home to the weblog – honestly my only complaint about the site.

I was happy to find an “about me” section that was both informative and entertaining. I would have liked to read more about his trusty half-sherpa, half-goat friend and companion, though! Also available for your entertainment purposes while visiting is Steven’s online photography portfolio (called F-Stop), the early stages of a future screenplay (Two Blocks Away), his latest rant (Wha Da Fut?), and a few other sections that are certainly worth checking out.

Typically, Steven does his daily posting duties by sharing a bit of his witty sense of humor in describing what he’s planning on doing or what he had done recently. There are other times, however, when Steven really touches on some quite common major personal issues that I’m sure several other people experience. The difference between those people and Steven, though, is that Steven very eloquently types his thoughts out for others to read. While those thoughts might seem too personal to some or not something they’d be interested in reading, it draws the reader closer to Steven’s life and what he’s dealing with, and makes the reader want to come back and read more. Sounds like the prime purpose of a weblog to me. is a good site, especially if you’re looking to find some common ground with someone to add to your list of daily reads. Although, as Steven mentions in July 8’s post, he’s only been posting every TWO days as of late. Oh the shame.

I’m just kidding, Steven. Speaking for myself, I’ll read whatever I can get off of