Review 1595

It is the epitome of all reality television sites on the web, or at least one of the many.

Reality World TV is a site that gives you the most up to date scoop on what’s going on in the world of, well reality TV. From the ever so popular MTV’s “The Osbournes,” to CBS’s “Survivor” to the long running “Real World” series, you get the news you need. In addition to the popular reality shows, you’ll read about gossip and rumors about other possible upcoming shows, like the possibility of the Gallagher brothers from the British band Oasis thinking about starting their own show, maybe being “The Gallaghers”?

There are also exclusive interviews from various shows where they do at 10 question interview with former stars. They range from Mike and Melissa from MTV’s “Real World” to Tammy and Gina from CBS’s “Survivor” to some former contestants from NBC’s “Fear” show.

This site will definitely be an interest for those reality show fanatics out there who like to stay on top of the gossip surrounding popular shows. They invite their readers to post their thoughts on their new message board which is already hopping.

I liked the layout, clean and crisp. It’s very easy to get around which is a plus. I also enjoyed that sources were cited which is good for any news/link type site. My only problem with the site is it would be nice to see who’s the brains behind it. Just a little blurb about why they decided to start the site and so on, but the site’s fine without it.

Overall, very nice site.Reality World TV