Review 1574

The layout of this site is absolutely gorgeous. I love the light blue background, and the pink flower that just hits you right in the face – in a good way – as you load the page. The same flower is used for buttons on the navigation portion of the site. And I also loved the font Shannon uses for the title. Layout? Good. Very good. The only slight issue I had with the physical appearance of the site was the fact that viewing it on anything less than 1027×768 doesn’t give you the whole view of the layout.

I read through months and months of the archives, hoping to find some writing as wonderful as the layout. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. Don’t get me wrong – Shannon fulfills her personal purpose of her weblog, which is just to keep people informed about her life and to have some place to type out or vent her feelings. This is certainly a site where you can really get to know the author since the weblog is that of such a personal nature.

The writing style that Shannon uses is easy to follow. It’s a simple style, and it’s one that’s almost as if you’re just reading a letter or note to a friend or family member about what’s going on with Shannon, and those involved with her daily life.

This is a good weblog for someone to bookmark if you’re looking to perhaps find someone you have things in common with and enjoy catching up on each others lives via a weblog-format.Footsteps