Review 1559

Wow. What another wonderful news site that I stumbled upon. In the past we have had news sites that were horrible, decent, and good, but this one takes good to the next level.

The Truth Laid Bear is basically like having a news reporter right there telling you how things are. That is the best that I can describe how the information is presented. I actually turned on my computer speakers and had the computer read the website to me and minus the crappy computer voice, it sounded like a news cast.

Mostly the posts are about news content, but some of them are just opinions on matters at hand. But don’t be alarmed because these opinion sections are more like the “bonus” sections news casts always try to get you to watch.

Design wise, there isn’t much to it. It looks like a modification of a template, but I am not sure if it is or not. It is a simple two column layout that presents all the material that is needed.

As with the last news/links site I reviewed (found here) I have similar complaints. The first is that it is hosted on blogspot. Yes I understand the fact that it is free, but the site is too good for blogspot. The other complaint is the lack of its own domain name. I would love to see the site open up at its own domain. It would just give the site that much more credibility.

Overall the site has an amazing coverage of news events. I can almost miss the evening news and read this site instead for my national news.

NOTE: After the original writing of the review, the site has a major focus on the fires going on in Colorado. Doing some research into the fires, I found that this site had some of the best coverage there was out of all the other sites.
The Truth Laid Bear