Review 1545

The moment I opened Crispyhead, I knew I was in for a unique blogging experience. Normally, I address content first, then design, but in this case, the design really attracted my attention. With a soothing sea-green color scheme and a darkly moody top graphic, I studied the opening page. I wasn’t immediately aware of the blog, which caused some concern, and then I scrolled down and found the first entry.

Content wise, Crispyhead presents the sporadic entries of “Crisp.” I laughed hysterically at Crisp’s snoring incident at a relative’s house, empathizing a great deal with the “return to sender” motif. The remaining entries on the page were well-written and creative, hinting at Crisp’s life and personality. The occasional picture adds further humor to this blog with the equally occasional embedded link; comments are enabled, and the writer is accessible via email.

Following the sea-green color scheme and snazzy logo, the rest of Crisp’s web site includes writing and art samples as well as a bio and FAQ. Occasionally, the graphic is slow to download, even on my cable modem connection, but for the most part, the blog and site were enjoyable and amusing. Loved the Power Puff watch, Crisp! 🙂Crispyhead