Review 1522

The most surprising thing to me about InkBlog is that fact that it is so chockful of great posts, and yet no one bothers to comment and give feedback to this wonderful writer. I’m elated that she kept on going though – keeping up with this blog for almost two full years so far.

The design of the site is simple and clean – a basic BloggerPro template, including courier fonts (which at first bothered me but once I got used to it I kind of liked). Color scheme was also simple – which helped me stay involved with the excellent writing at the site. Add in a healthy mix of links and this is a well-designed site that offers no frills but lots of good content.

Too often I see blogs that just don’t have a lot of content even though they’ve been around a while. This one raises the bar – the author has a wide variety of interests, whether she’s telling personal stories or providing commentary on world events. Reading through her archives was a complete pleasure and enabled me to get to know the author despite no real “about me” information.

I’ll probably become a regular reader at this blog and will also feel free to comment and let her know she’s appreciated. You should do the same!InkBlog