Review 1479

First thing I thought was, “beginner web designer” when the site loaded up with it’s black, bubble background, contrasting blue, fuzzy graphic in the corners and big font. It almost appears as though it was created with Tripod or a similar application which you can use to begin a website if you don’t have any web designing skills.

Navigation wasn’t great on this site. I assumed “text” would take me to the blog which did and didn’t. Clicking it brought up a window with neon circles, which I had to view to scroll up and to the right that gave me a link to enter the “text” area of the site. I then was brought to a blank page with just words, or titles better, which didn’t give me much help. I decided to click on the title that said “journal” and up popped a “psychedelic” patterned window with a blog of sorts.

I began reading it and it sounded like the author was moving, or renovating a place, so mostly there were descriptions of that. Other posts discussed work, school, music and going ons in their life. Some of the posts contain links to other findings on the internet which are usually given at the end of the post. The journal or blog, which ever you’d like to call it, was amusing enough to a point, but I think it’s interesting when people blog about moving.

I’m not really sure what the point of this site really is to be honest. Other findings on the site, er, well, there’s an article on September 11, and plugs for other sites, but really, this site’s unorganized and there are too many parts incomplete. It needs a revision.
.: :.