Review 1428

Eccentricity is a trait that all of the most interesting people have. Unfortunately, not all eccentric people are interesting. This Weblog author, however, is not one of those people.

From the title of the Weblog (“:: not so [xxcentrik] after all ::”) to the Subtitle (awesomely stupendous in wondernation and fantasticality) I knew this was the Weblog of someone I would love talking to if I randomly met them one day. The author is a fairly regular poster who creates interesting posts about random subjects. Sounds like your typical Weblog, yes? Well, yes and no.

You see, many Weblogs have random posts. Few pull off random posts that are more interesting than mundane. This Weblog certainly does not fall into the category of mundane. While the author covers such topics of why he is pissed at his school (and college student can relate) to other typical Weblog posts, they are well written and worthwhile reading. The posts usually go beyond the journalistic “Wow, I have an online diary” type, which is definitely good for the reader. Oh, and he references “Waking Life,” one of the best odd movies to come out in more than a while.

Still, the thing about the site that I enjoyed the most was the design. The template is fabulous! It changes colors each time you load (and I swear it randomly changed while I was reading, once). The template also lets you mess around with the fonts. In my mind, this fits the idea of eccentricity rather well.

With the combination of interesting writing and a fun design, this Weblog is definitely worth a look. You might not keep returning, but I doubt you’ll think it was a total waste of time. If nothing else, you should have some fun with it. And that’s what it’s all about.

.: not so [xxcentrik] after all :.