Review 1414

The creator behind this massive site is Sarah. She’s a 19 year old college student, who seems to be proud of her religion and is certainly a focused individual.

Hidden Beauty has a very pleasant design. It’s a relatively simple looking design, but it holds together through the entire site, giving the entire viewing experience at Hidden Beauty a very fluid appearance.

I really liked the idea of “The Aquarium” that Sarah has set up for links to other websites. It’s an original way to display a ton of links without worrying about finding a clever way to display them – this does just that.

Another section that I was particularly fond of was where Sarah explained her beliefs in regards to her religion. Some people can tend to be rather forceful about this type of issue, but the way Sarah comes across is very friendly and non-preachy.

You’ll find lots of the typical “Friday Fives”, or other such meme posts scattered frequently throughout this weblog. While it doesn’t require a lot of creativity to answer some pre-fabricated questions, it does allow the readers to learn things about all facets of Sarah and her life. When the weblog first rolled out, it seemed that the entries were more directly from the author, rather than just the question/answer scheme. But clearly from all she is involved in, Sarah posts when she can and what she can.

Those that are fans of this website welcome the posts that they do get, and for any newcomers, it’s easy to feel right at home.