Review 1328

Um, okay.

Live Journal sites usually scare me. Why? It’s because anybody and everybody can sign up for some space at to enter their daily thoughts. The author of this weblog has done just that, but his writing is so much more entertaining and worth reading than the average LiveJournal site or any type of site, for that matter.

What’s with the background on this site? Perhaps there’s no answer to that question, and perhaps it doesn’t matter. But, man, is it distracting! The rest of the color scheme is quite bright, but still manages to go well together. The titles of each post, however, are displayed in orange text on top of a yellow background. It makes these titles difficult to read, which is too bad, because sometimes the titles are just as entertaining as the post itself.

I never realized the power of staplers until I read this weblog, but now I can’t begin to argue with the importance of that particular office supply. I also found out from this site that I only own 8 of the CDs listed as “The Top 100 CDs You Should Get Rid Of If You Own” – not too bad at all, if I do say so myself! There’s such a variety of entertaining and humorous posts throughout this weblog that you’ll certainly find something to laugh at somewhere.

If you can move past the background image used for this site, you’re sure to find yourself either chuckling aloud about something you’ve read or nodding your head in agreement to one of the author’s profound, yet amazing everyday realizations. You’ll like this author, and you’ll like the site, too.George