Review 1128

Where has this weblog been all my life? No joke, I enjoyed this site from the moment I read “cheerfully cyncial” at the top.

Pete’s Encyclopeteia is a personal weblog written with sense of humor and intelligence, making each entry humorous as well as thought provoking at times. It appears that Pete is writing for anyone out there that may come along, and does so in a straight forward and uncomplicated manner.

This entry is what Pete calls his critically acclaimed blog entry, and I must say it does a fine job exploring the depth and drama of having a weblog. Other entries are just as entertaining as the next.

One of the “extras” that made this site enjoyable was the random ways the time of the weblog entry was posted. On your average weblog it says something like “Posted by Wendy at 3:30 PM”, but with the Encyclopeteia, you get something a little different. A few of my personal favorites: “Realizing that insanity has its perks at 1:05am”, “Walking the fine line between clever and stupid at 1:07am”, “Enjoying A.D.- wait… where was I? at 12:13am”, and of course “Sex in the bathroom at 12:20pm”.

The rest of the site is a must see as well. There’s the “Encyclo-pete-ia”, which covers the different Pete-isms that are used throughout the weblog to better explain what’s being referred to. The “Conversations” portion covers some entertaining tidbits of instant messaging conversations, and the “Soap Box” is definitely worth checking account. I lost track of how many things I agreed with Pete on in that area of his website!

The design was well laid out, and the colors went well together. No complaints at all on the visual appeal of the site.

If only the “real” encyclopedia were this entertaining, I’d read it every day. That’s certainly how often I plan on visiting this site now.The Encyclopeteia