Review 1120

Within two minutes of browsing Chewy Goodness, I had laughed out loud, twice! The person behind the blog, Steve, is a very funny individual, describing everyday observances with a witty and sharp voice that is never too harsh or acerbic. He doesn’t shy away from all of life’s particular eccentricities and quirks, writing about the wastelands of late night TV, our cultural fascination with buttocks, and the time he peed in a pastor’s bed.

Design-wise, Chewy Goodness is navigable and easy on the eyes, despite Steve’s protestations of “rudimentary HTML skills.” The overall grayness of the blog can get a little drab, but it does nothing to hinder your reading enjoyment.

In short, go read Steve. And make sure to visit his “About Steve-o” page. The “artist’s interpretation” of Steve made me smile, and his self-deprecating list of personal information just further cemented my opinion of him as a very funny guy. This is a really great blog.
Chewy Goodness