Review 1080

This blog seems dead. No entries are new since February. Not that it wasn’t dead to begin with–whomever created this blog laid waste to the entire time devoted to hastily constructing it. Which might be the best thing about this blog, because it appears to be a loss of only 4 minutes.

With regard to design: There doesn’t seem to be any title header, a–‘this is me and who I am’ introductory type ‘o sentence, or ANY FOOL THING, not even a syllable–to give the reader a clue about the blog or the blogger. Aside from that, the page colors gave me a headache. Red, mind you, is a wonderful color! For roses. Drops of blood. Miniature hearts. All small things. This persona apparently wanted me to get out the Exedrin. Graphics? Yes, very nice thank you, I love Luther Vandross and Donna Summer, but this blogger has apparently not gotten over her February holiday glee.

Setting all of this aside, I tried to read the 6 entries therein, and found your typical teenager blogger’s thoughts and daily updates, which would be fine, except for some poor grammar here and there, which gave way to just plain silly, almost worthless entries.

Don’t read this blog. I tried. It has no potential whatsoever. It seems that the author agrees to this, on a certain level (because her AOL Instant Messenger greeting subject invites her readers to tell her how much it sucks) but has apparently adhered to the terrible, red, method, instead.

All I can *hope* for about this blog is that I hope that it was done as some kind of school project, or better yet–a dare.I feel the Gruv