Review 1049

“Screw what the world thinks, be confident.” This motto is something more people should live by and is how this writer tries to live. Chel, pronounced “Shell” is a twenty-something woman from Florida who has got to be one of the most inspirational bloggers I’ve seen online. Yes, people share with the world their lives, the happy times and the sad times, but from reading this site it gave me a clearer vision on what it’s like for a person’s life is like when dealing with health problems their whole life.

The site has a nice layout that can be viewed in weblog format or just by post at a time. Even before I began reading the blog, the site gave off a sense of spirituality and peacefulness, which I wouldn’t expect from the context of a site whose context is about one person’s everyday struggles with her health.

Chel mainly shares with her readers her life and updates about her health issues. Her main health problems are depression and Spina Bifida. In addition, she writes about what she’s done that day, her cats and boyfriend. What makes her site strong is just from reading through her archives you get a strong sense of who she is.

There’s so much more to this site and is great if you’d like to read something more on a intimate level and learn about how depression and/or Spina Bifida changes a person’s life. This site is a definite 5.