Review 104

this site is what a weblog should be, informitive, humorous, and interesting, ChrisF has all these elements and more, I find ONCE AGAIN the lack of other content frustrating but then again this is a great website, the design is subdued but still manages to grab your attention, like a fleeting shadow on a dark night, and I found myself reading out of enjoyment more than out of scrutiny, still one feels void of knowing this unique individual almost like being left out of a joke, this site hasn’t lived up to it’s potential but is darned close,

this will become a great site if the author spends a little more time on

Review 169 is an interesting site. It is designed well and looks very high-tech. Many of the weblog entries fit this theme, being related to computers, the Internet, or web design.

Most posts had links to something worth checking out, and a sentence or two about what the author thought about them. Not the most in-depth entries, but I don’t think that was the point.

The rest of the site is well integrated to fit the same theme as the weblog page. I was impressed by the way information was presented. The author gives us the chance to learn about what he does and who he is. It would be interesting to see more writing, whether it be how-to articles or opinions. I got the feeling that the author has a lot of internet related knowledge worth sharing.NULL