Review 3168

I read the first post on this site and immediately thought one thing – scandalous! The author, whose name we never learn, believes that he is gay. What’s the problem? He doesn’t feel as if he can tell anyone and can only live his gay lifestyle online. What’s this mean? Those of us that stumble upon his weblog, called “1Body2Souls – A Gay Confession”, are reading top-secret information that is not even known to the author’s friends and family.

The first thing I wanted to read was an about section – a link to a profile somewhere or just a couple of words about the person sitting at the keyboard when this site is updated. Unfortunately, I could not find that anywhere. Instead, I did what any obsessive blog reader would do – I jumped to the very first post, which took place just about two months ago. The beginning is a great place to start for this weblog; it gives readers the general idea of why this weblog is such a personal avenue for the author.

We learn through reading that the author is from India, where homosexuality is extremely frowned upon. Visitors to this site read about the vicissitudes of developing crushes on guys and being unable to do anything at all about his feelings. We read about the things he must sacrifice and the decisions he must make between being accepted by his peers or being gay. Reading the posts, it’s very evident that this battle is an extremely situation for him to handle. The author seems to be trying everything he can to pull himself away from the gay lifestyle that he feels like he really should be a part of.

The layout for the site is, with no surprise since it’s hosted by Blog*spot, a standard Blogger template. It uses a dark gray text on a white background, which makes the site easy to read. The two-column layout has the main blog posts in the bigger column, followed by the typical blogger fodder in the sidebar – archives, links, buttons, and statistical information about visitors. The author intermittently posts pictures of half-naked attractive men, which breaks up the monotony of the text.

More frequent than not, the posts are difficult to read. Perhaps due to living in India, the grammar and spelling in the posts is almost to the level of being atrocious. The spelling errors are things that can be easily corrected by running a spell-check in any word-processing program. It’s bad enough that it distracts from the writing a great deal.

The author has himself in a very difficult predicament. Does he enable himself to live a lifestyle that feels natural, or does he abandon his soul and feelings and feel trapped being someone he’s really not? Reading this weblog is the only way you’ll find out.


Review 3210

The first thing I usually do when I’m reviewing a blog is go to the profile area and see who’s writing what. It really helps to get some background information on the author because then I can get a feel of how and why he or she is writing. Well, when I checked to see who was “Vincenzo” and why the author and his wife are chasing him, I was met with a charming anecdote. Apparently, there’s this really good Italian chef named Vincenzo who have graced their lives, even meeting the author’s wife a couple of times, serving something special on the side. But after each encounter, they are left with a closed (or open) restaurant, with no Vincenzo. The author has never met the man, but his wife has more than once and he thinks that through this blog, he might be able to once again find Vincenzo.

I was excited to read the entries. I mean, after the background information I read, I was certainly intrigued on what’s been going on during the “chase” of Vincenzo. I found, though, that most of the entries aren’t personal works detailing the chase. Instead, they were composed of informative articles about anything and everything entertainment. There are the books, the restaurants, the travels. But they aren’t impersonal copy-pasted articles. Oh, no. The author gives a full story on the what’s, how’s and why’s. He also adds how his experience went. If you visit, I’m sure that there are a lot of interesting things that will catch your attention (those Nation States sure did hook me).

The layout, overall, is nice. I thought it had a comfy kind of elegance. It’s nice. The other thing I found awesome was the fact that I can translate each entry into a number of different languages. I thought that was a great perk. The simple (or not-so-simple) things sure are amusing and certainly entertaining at times.

I give this site full points. I mean, it was just wonderful. It’s fairly new but what there is right now was enough to certainly entertain me. I suggest everyone give it a visit because there will be something that will catch your eye and hook you. The entries themselves are well-written and witty that I personally enjoyed. Kudos on the great blog. NULL