Review 2733

When I first heard the title “The Transplant”, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to touch this blog to be honest. Call me crazy, paranoid, etc., but when I hear the word “transplant”, the first thing I think of is the transplant of human organs. With that being said, I have a very weak stomach and I wasn’t sure if I would be seeing photo’s of that type of thing on this blog.

But don’t let the title fool you. To my relief, the author is just a person writing about such things as books, movies, neighbors, etc.

“The Transplant”, is still a very fresh site from what I gather. The archives only date back to June 21, 2004. The months seem to be filled with a lot of posts, but still I was kind of surprised to realize that it didn’t take me all that long to read the entire blog. Well at least, not as long as I had expected. The reason for that is probably because a lot of the posts consisted of one and two liners.

The posts consists of various topics as stated earlier in this review. It is basically nothing that you can’t find on any other blog/website. I know very little about the author except that the author is from “Seattle”, and that the blog is basically a hobby. I arrived at that conclusion when the author wrote the following in the “About Me” section.

In other words, I have not a single reason for a website, aside from reading to myself my very own words. Fodder for the ego. My very own hyperreal self. (***Pats on the back.****)

I just couldn’t feel the entries (so to speak). The blog just wasn’t for me. I went straight through the blog. There were some posts I even read a second time, basically to see if they could peak my interest. But it just didn’t happen.

The design of the page is very clean . It has a 3 column lay-out with the posts in the middle and links on both sides. It really has a fresh look to it. On the right hand side, he has links of books with a photo of each one and the title written below the photo. He has done the same for music cd’s he enjoyed. In my opinion, I thought this was a nice touch. Even though I did not enjoy the entries like I hoped I would, the writing was very neat and very easy to read. He also has links in the middle of several of his posts.

In conclusion with the review,I liked the design more than the entries. Maybe what I thought was boring, others may find interesting. Everyone has different taste, and their own opinion.The Transplant

Review 2426

Wars of Compassion starts out with the following Blog description: “A Gentleman’s Guide to Career, Romance, and Nation-Building”. Sweet.

But that’s just the beginning. The author, Ryan is a member of Overlord, a pop band and he lives in Philadelphia. Funny, this is the second musician I’ve had to review in the course of a day.

Ryan’s blog is beautifully written (his first entries from 2003 are worth browsing just for the kick of reading words used with such elegance). Although his posts are digressions on a series of topics (as his blog description states), he has interesting things to say on matters ranging from his dating life to his views on politics. He handles narrative well, his vocabulary is impressive and his political thoughts, I for one, found appealing.

It’s nice to run into these kinds of blogs, where English is used so stylishly and people like Noam Chomsky are admired. Call this man the Fred Astaire of the blogosphere with a political standing.

He’s been blogging since 2003 and I really regretted not having all the time in the world to read every entry.

Regarding layout and design, the template is standard blogspot, simple; but the content was so appealing that I soon forgot my aesthetic tendencies. Not that he didn’t choose a white (elegant) template.

The right-hand side bar has links ranging from Overlord (his band) FAQs, to “people links” including Chomsky and others of the author’s interest.

I very much appreciated the quote at the end of the side bar (Goering, Nuremberg Trial). So true. It strangely reminded me of Leo Strauss. Well worth putting a quote like this into a side bar.

Overall, I loved the site. I only wish it had a beautiful layout to do it justice. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in good writing and passionate stands. wars of compassion