Review 627

Ahhhhh! After reading soooo many of these weblog thing-a-ma-bobbers one really starts to appreciate literacy.

The most appealing aspect of this weblog is the story-telling nature of the posts. The writings are linear, coherent, entertaining, peppy, and completely top-notch. The author has a charming, self-deprecating sense of humor and isn’t shy about showing it.

Common themes include: NYC life, the best dog I ever had, older folks at rock shows, and unemployment.

Aesthetically, the site is nicely laid out (traditional greymatter layout). The text is accessible and easy to read. The color scheme is the only thing keeping this site from being a 5. The colors are a bit too muted/washed out for my tastes. The graphics are “cutesy” and fun though.

In conclusion, this weblog is very charming and definitely worth a read.


muted colors.The Mighty Geek