Review 57

This site is one in its own. The author posts quiet a bit, but they are short posts. Nothing too major to pick your brain at, but if you go over all of them, you can start to figure out who he is.

Lets do a little likes/dislikes thing. First the dislikes. Only one thing… The big picture of his (I am assuming it is his) head at the top of the page. I am just not a big fan of logos taking up 1/3rd of the page.

Likes: The posts are great. They make you read more if you really want to try to figure out who he is. Also, love the art. Hope he posts more of it. Bio section is great. Overall design minus note above is good. Smooth and easy to use.

Overall better than average site. Its a definite need to check out site, up to you to decide to if its a daily or weekly