Review 462

When I first went to this site , I wasn’t too sure what to expect.

I didn’t know if Id love it or hate it but after reading the description “We’ve got some

serious noun-bashing going on all over the place here. That’s right boys and girls, I

take on people, places, AND things!” , I couldn’t wait to read on.

Its interesting that something as simple as a humorous description can get someone

interested in a site.

Speaking of which , lets get down to business.

The layout is simple , grey , blue and white.

No need to worry about text being hard to read or being distracted by some flashing

icon then.

The blog itself is a good read.

The updates are spread all over the place , sometimes its one day and sometimes its

about fifteen. I personally prefer sites to be updated more often , especially if I really

enjoy the content.

And thats where this blog shoots itself in the foot so to speak.

The content is good , funny and interesting.

A saving grace is that the updates are mostly a few paragraphs.

Id definitely recommend you check this blog out at least once.

Tang Grrrl’s