Review 295

Pardon me for not being hip enough to know what the site design was all about, but from what I can tell, it was themed after some type of Japanese anime called Saiyuki. I don’t know if this was created by the author of the blog or by someone else, but the site had a very cartoon-esque feel about it. I liked the graphic at the top of the page, and can only hope it was original artwork.

The site was well designed for the most part, though crammed to the left side of the screen, leaving a lot of empty space on the right. I liked the fact that all of the information (links, bio, etc) was presented in a logical manner on one page. My main gripe was with my cursor, which had been changed to a double arrow for me. I tend to get territorial over my cursor, and often don’t appreciate such ‘gifts’. I also didn’t like the fact that when rolling over a link, an overline appeared. I was tricked into clicking the wrong thing more than once.

The weblog entries were typical for a personal site, discussing various issues about school, friends, other web sites and things that seemed to be pertinent to the author’s friends. There were a few interesting links, such as that to Bonsai Kitties, but most of the entries were not very enticing for me.

The site did seem to be doing a lot of things right for what it was. I’m sure it works as a great outlet for the author, as well as a way for her circle of friends to communicate. Not overly exciting for an outsider, but well made for an insider.Peculiar