Review 223

WildStyle was a little disappointing for a blog with such a potentially exciting name. The bulk of the problems I encountered were with the navigation and the layout. The fixed background screwed up Netscape completely, and I was forced to open Explorer. A seemingly random drop-down list of links was unclear as to where it was going to lead me (on-site or off-site?), making me wary of choosing one. I also am always unenthused about my scrollbars being taken over by another color (aqua in this case), but that’s probably my pickiness speaking.

The weblog itself had a few interesting entries, but for the most part there was nothing that would make me want to return. Entries such as “wow! I knew my computer desk was a light brown (like hardwood kinda coloured) But I hadn’t seen my desk it weeks! It had been buried under piles of junk,” were not exactly captivating.

Many weblogs will at least give you an idea about what they are there for, or the authors will give you an idea or philosophy that holds the whole thing together. WildStyle was a little confusing in these areas, and I was unsure how to take it. Not really seeing any cohesive relations between posts, and not finding much content to pique my interests, I went on.