Review 3492

I don’t know about you but the world of high finance has always intrigued me. Still, I never really understood things like commodities and stock options. I ran across stock options explained, where it was claimed that I would fully understand stock options in 10 minutes or less. I read through the entire run-through of stock options twice in about 15 minutes and while I can’t say that I completely understand options well now, I certainly understand them better than I did before and at any rate, it may not be the fault of the site. Options are complicated!

This site is pretty simple and I think I understand why: they realize that any distractions at all would only detract from the explanation of options that they are trying to get across to readers. The design really could not be simpler. It is a single column blog theme (the Thesis Theme) with not one image on the site, nor any ads at all when I visited. It seems like it’s just one guy who took it as his mission to give a thorough, clear explanation of these financial instruments.

I give the writer some credit because it seems like the subject matter is pretty complex for laymen. There were a lot of terms that were new to me, all helpfully in bold, and they were explained pretty well. I think the writer understood options himself (herself?). And, I also would not say that the explanation tried to cut corners or was too brief. I did get a little bit confused when it came to intrinsic value versus time value of options, but I got the explanation of the various scenarios that could play out if you bought an options contract.

Another thing I will give the creator of credit for is that he succeeded in impressing upon me just how dangerous trying to trade stock options can be. in fact after reading through the entire explanation twice I am pretty sure that I don’t want to trade stock options anytime soon! But as the author of the site says, a little more financial education should never be a bad thing.

If you need or want stock options explained to you, you could probably do a lot worse than checking out this website. If you’re motivated you might find it easier than I did to actually “get” options. I can say that it got me closer than any other lesson on options I can ever recall reading.NULL