Review 2985

The very first or rather the latest post I read on the weblog caught my attention. I thought the post was funny and continued reading through the other posts. My efforts were definitely not wasted.

The weblog is mostly about funny situations, funny anecdotes or just things found funny. You can also find some posts more of a personal nature which you can still find funny. The humor in the posts are inherent in the writing style. So you will find even the mundane posts interesting and worth reading through. The writing is not confined to any particular topic but encompasses a variety of topics.

The design of the site is good. It is well designed with few irregularities. The links and other imbedded scripts are on one side and are pretty organized. There’s even a tagboard where one can leave messages.

This is one site I am going to give full marks for ingenuity and wit and of course keeping the reader interested. If you are looking for something funny to read to start the day, or during the day or to end the day, this is definitely one site for you.NULL

Review 2947… I expected this blog, from the title alone, to be in regards to 2 people; a couple maybe. And it is. Once the blog loaded the initial impression I got was that it was a woman writing. Mainly due to the layout of the blog itself and the cursive text. I didn’t know what to expect from the written text until I clicked on the “about” link.

I wasn’t far from wrong. The blog is actually about a woman, who has lost her husband to a high speed car chase by the police. It’s quite interesting reading. In so much as the author, in her blog, goes through all the raw emotions that are usually associated with sudden death of someone close, and it’s quite touching. The entries are well written, the writing is sometimes scattered and sometimes well thought out. But I put down the raw emotion behind the writing to the sometimes scattered entries.

I believe that the basis of this weblog is an outlet for the author, for her emotions, her thoughts as well as her crusade. She has achieved many good things through her persistence, her never ending belief and it is refreshing to see a person be able to make a difference, even when it means that the person is constantly challenged at her beliefs and, at times, thought she wasn’t making a difference.

The template that the author uses does compliment her writing style, it compliments the blog content. The links all work, except on the about page, where there is the link to listen to something. I couldn’t get that to work. I don’t know if that is because I use Opera as a browser or not.

I had a hard time writing this review, only because I believe that police are there to do a job and they did their job, unfortunately it resulted in a loss of life, but everyone makes choices, those left behind usually have to live with them. Also because the author has, with her crusade, pointed out some holes in the police department that should be straightened out. Overall, this blog I believe is sometimes different. It offers a different view of what we view of the “role” of police officers, even if it is the lack of role after the incident. Definitely a blog worth checking out. I do hope that the author finds the peace that she deserves. 2 With Spirit

Review 2947

When I first came across this Journal/site a couple of months ago I thought it was too personal to be a weblog. Since then I have changed my outlook of this site after reading through.

This weblog is about a tragedy that happened in the author’s family and how it has made a great impact in her life and in the community near her place. I am not getting into any details here about it here. However, to many people this weblog/journal has become a place where one can share similar experiences. The amount of emotional support shared between many of the readers and author is quite fascinating. Some of the posts look very researched and with documents to support both sides of any argument.

The design is very good. It has been designed professionally with great taste and has subtle inference to what the site it is about. Hence, the design suits the journal quite perfectly.

In short, this is a well written and well designed site. As a blog/journal it is updated frequently and well maintained.2 With Spirit

Review 2787

The Blondelibrarian blog is written by Renee, an American living in Germany. After searching the archives by category, it is still a little sketchy as to whether or not she is a librarian but I did confirm that she was in fact blonde.

Renee updates quite often and the posts are very descriptive, well written and detailed. She has a unique way of looking at things which comes across in her blog as she somehow manages to write about ordinary events such as the demise of the cat’s toy mouse (RIP) and make it interesting and funny. She writes about a wide range of topics, such as reviews on books she reads, living in Germany, and ‘cat blogging’ just to name a few.

The layout of the blog was an easy to navigate two column layout with the blog and a sidebar with archives, navigation and blogroll. The design had a nice header graphic featuring a blonde of course. The background color of the blog was black and the font was purple, an ‘interesting’ combination. While you could read the font on the blog page, on the sidebar, where the font was smaller, it was harder to read.

What I like most about this blog was the well written blog entries. What I liked the least was the choice of background and colors. That might be a personal thing though, so I’ll also say that the navigation section could be better organized. I had to read and reread it a few times before I figured out that the links to other parts of the blog were under the about me section.

Overall, I liked this blog, but I thought that the blog needs to be redesigned to make the entries stand out more.Culture Shock and the blondelibrarian

Review 2854

The title seemed pretty straightforward to me. When I read it, I assumed that the blog was about a writer who blogs.

And I was right! Yay to me.

It seems to me, though, that the blog isn’t really all that much of a creative writing one. The entries are mostly about the life of the author, who is aptly named “easywriter”. But what is different, in my opinion, is the style. Other people’s personal blogs are of course, about their personal life. But only a few can match the way this blog can hold on to the attention of a reader.
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