Review 3096

The subtitle says it all: “web site design, usability, web site promotion, search engine marketing, etc.” It’s a blog bursting with information about anything-computer. The author, Pinyo, writes entries that help the general public on matters of computers and blogging.

The entries Pinyo post are informative and, I’m sure, very helpful to anyone in need of help in such areas. He writes about new applications and tools one can use in blogging and he also gives the ups and downs of each.It has quite a big number of entries already considering it’s a relatively new blog. It just started las October 2005. There’s even an entry describing the cause and effect of the sudden traffic. Very good advice for people who want more people to drop by their site.

The blog’s layout is simple, but definitely efficient. The colors mesh just fine and the different links are categorized neatly on the side. You can even sign up for a free newsletter. The layout is pretty generic but it works just fine.

The blog is a great source of news and opinions for anyone interested in the industry. The blog isn’t about sensationalism so don’t expect to find what you might see in an ordinary blog. This one is quite special. If you’re in the computer/blogging industry, then drop by and take a look. You’ll find yourself interested enough to sign up for the newletter. NULL

Review 3095

I was able to sit down and read this entire weblog within the span of an hour. It’s only been up and running for three months, and with the author’s new job, there haven’t been a lot of recent posts. However, for me to be able to sit and read the entire thing without getting bored, I think the author is off to a really good start.

As the site loads, I notice it’s using a tiresome Blogger template. Those templates are a great idea to use for those that aren’t familiar with HTML or don’t want to be bothered by coming up with something on their own. When they’re repeated over and over and over, though, they do grow tiresome. The author doesn’t do much to personalize the template. The standard links to archives, her Blogger profile, and the links she frequently visits fill the sidebar.

From the profile, we learn that the author is a 20 year old student. She lists her name as Ella, but from reading through the site, I learned that Ella is actually her dog’s name. Anonymity on the internet is always a good idea.

Thanks to the way that the author writes, we actually get to see things play out in her life. Her first posts explains that she’s finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon, and with each post, readers can see that she’s becoming more and more comfortable with the idea.

We read about her applying for jobs and scheduling interviews. The latest post, on November 14th, mentions her landing one of the jobs she had mentioned applying for in a previous post. And through reading post after post, readers also experience the ups and downs of her relationship with her on-again/off-again boyfriend.

The author touches on subjects that have to do with current media, like Oprah’s most recent Child Predatory Watch or how she relates to certain popular song lyrics. There are other posts, though, that seem like messages directed towards just one or two people instead of something that a random reader would understand.

This weblog is a very personal one. The author admits to trying to come to terms with herself in the description of the weblog. Readers experience her life as it happens, and she doesn’t really hold anything back. For people checking the site out for the first time, I would highly recommend going back to the first day of this site and catching up on the last couple of months in the author’s life. It’s a very quick and enjoyable read.NULL

Review 3021

When I first visited ‘Trying to Forgive’ some background music started to play. I tend not to like these sort of add-ons, especially the ones that loop over and over but, press stop on your browser, and the annoyance goes away. I was a little confused by the title ‘Trying to Forgive’ because the header on the blog is ‘Just One Step’. Regardless, it’s a catchy title and instantly I assume this place is about some sort of inner struggles. I check the profile, not much information other than a name, Kel. I make another assumption, this blog belongs to a girl. After looking over the template, which is simple, nothing flashy, I start to drill down on some archives – it’s there that I was taken back to my teen years and reminded in an instant how hard it is to grow up.

As it turns out, Kel is actually a boy, a 15 year old boy who writes about his every day struggles with popularity, girls, and his parents. He goes to church, he goes to school, he hangs out with his friends, and he loves his dog. He seems, at first glance, normal. As I read more of his posts it became clear that this kid, is anything but normal. Just a few of the hooks that kept me reading, turns out Kel has attempted suicide, he is in love with a girl that doesn’t love him back (how many of us adults can relate to that), he loves his parents – but hates them at the same time, he worries about losing his best friend, and he writes about feeling pressure to live up to everyone’s expectations. Kel gives a little insight as to what it’s like to grow up in today’s world. He makes you keep reading, keep clicking, keep searching – for more tidbits about who he is.

The design of the blog is pretty simple as I stated previously but it’s simplicity really helps the reader focus in on the more important content, the posts. He’s added a few general links and a couple of spaces for people to advertise, but honestly these things don’t contribute or take away from the blog itself.

I was unsure about rating this blog when I first clicked the URL link. After all, I’m a grown up and I don’t really care to re-visit my teenage years. I quickly changed my mind after reading a few posts because what Kel was able to do, was remind me that life is hard, no matter what age you are. I’d recommend this blog to parents; it offers a bit of insight that may help you understand your little adult.

Review 2800

If you don’t have cable and your library card has expired… I saw this title and thought of a blog about hobbys maybe, or even some other time filler. Clicking on the link it brang up yet another blogger template. I, again, did wince at the google search function right under the heading, I still believe those should be located down the bottom of the blog somewhere, not cluttering the top.

First things first, I checked out the author’s little blurb about herself in the profile section. Fiat Lux’s first few profile lines are “So, things you should know about me, A) I’m the queen of non-sequiturs. And 2) I like to mix things up on purpose to see if people notice.” a) it made me smile, b) she sounded a bit zany and that perked my interest.

Reading some of her posts entertained me, her writing style draws the reader in, especially this reader. Her antics and re-telling of the first time she went to Hooters, or her Buffy fanatical-ism, which I find endearing because I’ve got a problem with watching a bit too much Buffy myself.

The blog itself probably could do with a face lift, but that’s only because I have a personal problem with the whole blogger standard templates. I gave Fiat Lux a 3, only because her blog was listed under humour and I do believe that it should be listed under personal. Her writing style is amusing and entertaining, but the blog itself is about personal experience.

If you don’t have cable and your library card has expired

Review 2777

I’ve never been to Costa Rica, though I have a friend who visited last year and raved about it. When I saw this blog up for review in the travel category I was really looking forward to it.

Frank, who has lived in the country for the last 5 years, writes Costa Rica Expat. He started the blog in August of 2004 and it seems to have been a bit of an adventure to get set up judging by several early posts. According to Frank, “the purpose of this weblog is to promote tourism and encourage folks to consider relocating or building a vacation home in Costa Rica, all of which I recommend enthusiastically.” This is not, however, what I would consider a standard “travel blog.” Instead, it’s a view of Costa Rica from a more personal perspective.

Posts are organized in several categories, as Frank has many interests. He writes on everything from Blogging to the World Economy. Unfortunately, there aren’t many posts in the actual Costa Rica category. Over the few months this site has been in existence it has evolved from its original purpose into an enjoyable account of Frank’s life and thoughts. Frank is aware of this and has recently posted that he is rethinking the blog’s direction.

The design here is simple and functional. Frank has put a lot of thought into his links, as he describes in an early post. From what I can gather, he’s a furniture builder by trade and the pictures of his work are great! It would be helpful though, if there was an “About” section or link.

Overall this is an enjoyable blog. It’s different enough to keep you interested. However, if you’re looking for travel information on Costa Rica, you will need to look elsewhere.
Costa Rica Expat