Review 2572

With a name like Patriot Blog I knew that this was going to be a heavily influenced by politics and the what not. I didn’t know if it was just going to be about the election this year, or about a specific topic, so I dove right in.

I was pleasantly surprised that the design was very clean and simple. A logo, a two column layout, a small banner for the “true patriot award” is all that there is. Nothing fancy. This made me very happy.

After reading the posts on the main page, I hit up the archives. The archives can be accessed in multiple ways. First there is the dreaded calendar which I always have hated, then there is a link to all the articles listed in chronological order, and finally at the bottom of the page are numbers which will take you from page to page. I liked the fact that there were multiple options available.

So what is the Patriot Blog all about? Well there are three guys who post at the blog about all different things from sports to movies to politics. There is a great mix of topics within the site which helps a lot. There are also a lot of great jokes through out the site which made me laugh which gets points.

So I was all done reading the site when something caught me off guard. Each of the post’s titles was a link. At first I thought it was just the perma-link to the post, but then after I clicked one I noticed something… The post had doubled in length! Every post seems to have an intro and then the rest is displayed only when you visit that specific posts page! This is very annoying since there is not a MORE link at the end of each intro. I have two pet peeves with weblogs: the first is a splash page, the second is having more to an entry and not letting me know about it in some way.

I enjoyed my time at Patriot Blog… both times (read above). I think it has a lot of potential to be a great read, so long as they stay on their current path. Fixing the posts to display in full length ALL the time would help it even more. So if you are looking for a possible new entry on your blog roll this might be a good one to start at.
Patriot Blog