Review 2241

First thing which caught my attention was the layout and colour scheme. The page literally screams, “Rock chick!!”. Few have attempted to use such bright and clashing colours, but the writing in the blog certainly has enough attitude to carry off such boldness.

This blog basically serves as a portal to rock music, but sometimes, the entries can get more personal than musical, which makes this blog a hybrid of those two genres. The musical side of the blog is usually the author’s, Jin’s, views on the music scene and the people involved, though there are the titbits of information/news thrown in regularly. The personal entries are usually Jin’s ramblings or recollections of her daily life. It’s a very readable blog as the writing is concise yet invigorating. Although at times, the language used can be rather offensive for certain readers.

I love the pictures that she posts alongside her entries. They add colour to the blog (not that her blog is not colourful enough) and makes the entire site more appealing. There are the usual links – picture gallery, ‘About Me’, guestbook, archives, etc. on her page, so you can look forward to spending quite some time at this site if you are going to visit it.

As this is a personal-cum-musical blog, it’s a good site for keeping up on the rock music scene in New York City and for those who are more interested in reading a personal blog, this makes a pretty entertaining choice as well.
on the moon — the first step for band-kind.