Review 2235

Faux-Pas is an interesting title, and I am not sure what it means. So thus, when entering the weblog, I had no clue what to expect. Anything that you might expect will more than likely be wrong, as this site has a lot to offer.

First thing that I noticed was an interesting 3 column layout which was done in frames. While I am not an avid supporter of frames, it works and Eric, thankfully knows how to use them. We are greeted with an interesting picture of him in one column which will not go away until you click on a link on the far right column that actually loads something over there.

The blog itself is extremely well written. You may not agree with his thoughts, but you have to give him credit that he can write well. A fair number of his posts are somewhat of a rambling state, with others having more definition. Of course, there are even some poetic posts which adds a nice little mix to the weblog. To try to classify his writing style would be somewhat of a hard thing to do so I will leave it with one word: original.

Other nice parts about his site include his poetry and his texts. This is where his ability to write really shines. It has taken me a long time to write this review as I keep reading more of his texts as he calls them. I strongly suggest reading this area of this site, even if you do not like the weblog. This section alone is worth visiting.

Over all we have a very well done weblog. It is definitely not for everyone. Eric says it best on his page by saying This is a place for those of you who think. I know that, in time, like all of my other projects, this will also be a place for the lower functioning to scapegoat me. The purpose of literature is to stimulate the mind, and if it angers a person it still serves to stimulate him. So if you are interested, you might want to check it out.
Faux-Pas: Literary Accounts…

Review 2235

When I first arrived at Faux-Pas and saw what looked like a member of Sepultura I was expecting a nasty poorly written angst filled journal. Once again stereotypes and pre-conceived notions were inaccurate. Just how do you turn that part of human nature off?

Faux-pas is the journal, poetry and journey of Eric, a self-proclaimed eccentric who has a lot to say. Eric is a very articulate and intelligent writer who shares a lot of life experience in his journal. The site is clean and well designed and quite functional. (I found a few dead links for pics however…tsk tsk) The more entries I read, the more I was surprised there wasn’t a lot of black in the design…

The author voices many strong opinions on many things such as racism, love, tobacco, depression, the struggle with his past, relationships (usually bad) (with his father, mother, girlfriends…) and the bleakness of his existence. Eric has led a rough life (understatement) and it comes across in the tone of his writing…(which may offend some weaker sensibilities) I however, think Eric’s strong tone adds a uniqueness and earnestness to his writing. I think writing is somewhat cathartic for the author, he unloads a ton of emotion within his journal. Not to mention a lot of very decent poetry.

“There are things that I try not to think of. There are people that I try to forget. But all of the rage inside me won’t let. There are things that others have done to me, things they have said; they made fun of me. But it’s all in the past they say. Still, it doesn’t go away.”

The author has a dark sense of humor which comes across in many entries:

“I would first deport any types of people that I dislike to Siberia. I would then make Pop Tarts illegal. I would launch a massive multi billion dollar ad campaign against Pop Tarts. I will also have gum and patches to help people become unaddicted to Pop Tarts.”

I’m not sure how many people would want to read this journal all the time. It is very heavy, very intense and very moving… Sometime too much so. If you need perspective however, Faux-Pas is an exceptional well written resource.
Great goatee.
Faux-Pas: Literary Accounts…

Review 2235

I am always a little skeptical about sites based solely on frames with no other options available, but this site’s layout manages to be simple, crisp and clean. The background is easy on the eye, attractive and manages to not distract from the content – essential if you main selling feature is the quality of your content.

The site is easy to navigate, with a large text menu on the right hand side. Sadly one of the links was broken (Writing Style) on the day I visited, and this is always a little frustrating to visitors.

The blog itself is interesting, and gives the reader a real insight into the inner workings of the author’s mind. In essence it is a personal journal rather than a blog, full of everyday occurrences but the quality of the writing is such that it can hold you captivated through the very dullest event. There is also a pleasant mix of journal entries and examples of his writing ability – poetry. The real beauty of this site lies in the various links, which I would recommend – poetry, text and side projects being of particular interest to those who enjoy fairly good literature.

The site is benefited by an interesting ‘about me’ section, and a ‘site purpose’, both being enjoyable to reader. The site originated with a clear purpose ‘to furnish this space with at least half decent literature’, and this he does achieve.

Overall the site is pretty good, the real attraction for most visitors I feel will lie in the poetry and text sections. The writing is good and with design is fair but well structured (although the broken link does require a fix). If you enjoy reading sites which manage to encompass journal entries and literary skill in the form of poetry, then this site would be for you. The site will most likely to draw a loyal crowd of regulars whose interests are similar to that of the authors.
Faux-Pas: Literary Accounts…

Review 2170

Webraw is “dedicated to preserving, promoting and expanding the free-Web.” Since this site does what it’s about, it’s not surprising that its really good at it. Get it?

Webraw will be of major interest to anyone serious about producing web content. Because of its ultra-professional feel, its a completely different breed, and it is the kind of site that will start trends. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this site eventually start getting some major traffic.

It seems to operate on a “build it and they will come” philosophy, and its clear that there is already some regular readership. The writing is on par with everything else. It feels very mature, and its focused on its audience. Yes, you will care about the topics.

There treasures of the site are the deep and insightful articles on independent web development. Weblogging has really taken off, and this is the kind of site that teaches.