Review 2244

Hooman scribbles. About this, that, and the US at war. He writes about SUVs, unanswerable questions, and he ponders reality TV. And that’s just on the current front page.

This barely three month old weblog manages to jump topics and styles faster than a frog on hot asphalt. Presented on standard Blogger templates, we are taken into Hooman’s mind, and encounter the strangenesses of life seen through his eyes.

We all know this one person from somewhere who talks constantly about everything, just not about him or herself? Reading Hooman’s journal, I felt jerked back into my last evening out with his real-life counterpart. And that’s OK. His journal entries range from outrageously funny to pretty interesting, with an occasional slip into boring or confusing – all in all a good mix, though.

There’s not much I could say on the design side of the blog. Standard Blogger, no RSS – a sin, if you ask me – and medium sized, digestable entries, just the way a blog’s supposed to be.

This blog is young, which makes a review harder than usual. Check it out, though, it looks promising.Hooman’s Scribbles